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Being the Exchange administrator you may come across a strange situation like when you start or restart MS Exchange Server, Exchange Server mailbox store and public store do not mount. At this moment, you decide to repair the database because the problem may have occurred due to dirty shut down; therefore, to mount the Information Store, you have to bring the database in clean shut down state. For this you can execute the following commands using eseutil and isinteg - command line tools provided by Microsoft Corporation:

  • Eseutil /r (for performing soft recovery)
  • Eseutil /d (for defragmenting the database)
  • Isinteg -s <server_name> -fix -test -alltests

While using above commands make sure that you execute these command in the given sequence because this is predefined process for repairing Exchange database and is recommended by Exchange Server experts. Well, when you have executed isinteg -s -fix -test -alltests command, after executing other commands, you may get the following error message:

"ISINTEG cannot initiate verification process"

Aforementioned error message that says 'Isinteg cannot initiate verification process' only provides brief information about problem. To get the detailed information about the message- 'Isinteg cannot initiate verification process' , you have to see the event log registered in the application log. On checking the log file you will come to know that the aforementioned error message has occurred because the database is not available at its location. It has either been moved somewhere else or has been damaged. Because the database is not available, Extensible Storage Engine (ESE) cannot complete the process and displays the specified error message.

Now, to resolve the aforementioned error message, you either need to execute the following steps:

  • Reinstate the moved database to its original database.
  • If you have not moved the database to any other location then makes sure that the database is available in the storage group; if the database is not available then it means it has been deleted either accidentally or willingly. Restore the missing database from backup and then mount the database again to resolve the aforementioned error message.
  • If the database is corrupt then repair it using eseutil /p or eseutil /r command.
  • If you do not have backup then ignore the missing database and continue the process with other files available in the storage group.

While ignoring the missing or corrupt database, you can perform the database restore by executing the following command:

Eseutil /r <log_base_name) /I

This command enables you to ignore the missing database and continue the restore process with other consistent databases. While executing this command, replace the term <log_base_name> with name of the log file. Moreover, specify the path of log file with /I switch. After executing the aforementioned command, mount the available database in the storage group and then allow users to continue emailing.

This way you can resolve the "ISINTEG cannot initiate verification process" error message. If database is corrupt then repair it using eseutil.exe. However, if this tool does not effectively repair the database, use Exchange Server repair and recovery tool for repairing the corrupt database.

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